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The Industrial Scoreboard

Stealth Manufacturing’s internal utilization of our Industrial Scoreboard has increased production output by more than 30%.

If you are a small manufacturer seeking an affordable lean manufacturing tool to combat waste, inefficiencies and unnecessary downtime from your operations, we are confident this innovative system will deliver an immediate return on investment that will positively impact your bottom line.

The Industrial Scoreboard …

Tracks and displays production data that includes the quantity of parts produced during a shift, parts produced per hour and, most important, total downtime resulting from stoppages from non-productive activities.

Rapidly identifies production slowdowns. The system is automatically updated every three seconds.

Is independent from your mainframe system. Completely self-contained. No software is needed.

May be easily moved and reset where needed.

Features a very visible stand alone digital display that can be viewed from 300 feet.

Watch an informative video about our Scoreboard.

High Bandwidth
Low Bandwidth

Productivity 1, waste 0
The Lean Manufacturing Scoreboard, a computerized device that captures a worker's product quantity, parts-per-hour output and downtime, helped productivity ... read more >

The Attendant™ Monitoring System

The Attendant™ is an automated system that promotes real time remote monitoring of any machine or process in your shop without the hassle and expense of cumbersome software, complex computer networking cables or hard wired power supplies.

The moment your machine runs out of material, becomes jammed or ceases production for any reason, the system instantly transmits a message to your team, via a pocket pager, to inform them of which machine or process requires attention.

This real time notification will save you thousands of dollars by dramatically increasing your machine’s uptime.

With The Attendant …

Each pager is able to monitor all machines connected to your system.

Units are programmed with a customized message for your particular application.

Notifications are repeated every 60 seconds until the machine is back in production.

The preprogrammed system allows for easy hook-ups for both Base Station and Pager.

Base Station Details

UHF frequency transmitter

Wireless message transmission

Mounts with Velcro, zip ties or screws

Units may be conveniently added to the system at any time

Operates with 3 AAA batteries

Includes 1 tripper lead, which may be connected to any machine on your floor

1.5" W x 7" H x .875" D

Pager Details

UHF frequency

Stores up to 99 messages

4 line, 200 character display

Vibrate and beep alert modes

Call today for a no-obligation analysis of how much The Industrial Scoreboard and The Attendant™ will save your company! 952-890-1303
12511 Boone Avenue South, Savage, Minnesota 55378 USA, 952-890-1303
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