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Inlet Tube

Stealth produces high quality inlet tubes (also known as venturi tubes) for use with burners of a non-tubular design. The function of the tube is to mix gas and primary air and deliver the mixed gas to a burner assembly for combustion.

Inlet tube design is critical to the performance of a burner. An improper design can lead to poor combustion, flash back and many other undesirable characteristics. The Stealth team offers diverse experience crafting units from a variety of tube diameters and materials and is qualified to assist you in meeting your most demanding performance expectations.

Design options

The majority of inlet tubes have a shutter designed into them for the precise adjustment of primary air into your burner. These shutters generally locate the orifice for proper concentricity.

Inlet tubes may be supplied with a flange for convenient bolting onto a mating part or non-flanged for welding directly to a pan burner or similar unit.

Inlet tubes may be constructed with or without a venturi feature - a funnel shaped element that aids in the mixing of gas and primary air.


Stealth orifices are designed to more efficiently meter a specific amount of gas into a burner. While our team produces many different standard orifice designs, we are also equally skilled in manufacturing custom components to meet your unique application requirements.

The Stealth Advantage

Stealth does not redrill orifices from premade blanks. The raw material enters a CNC turning machine and is completed, including the removal of machining chips and coolant, without human hands ever touching the orifice. This ensures concentricity and precise flow on the most important element of the orifice – the metering hole.

Precision in this process and special geometry ensure consistent BTU flow rates and quiet operation.

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