Manufacturing Capabilities

At Stealth Manufacturing, no job is too big or too small for us to handle, and our manufacturing capabilities have been developed to tackle the challenges of most orders. Utilizing a blend of lean manufacturing and innovative equipment, we create industry-leading atmospheric gas burners and other heating products for OEM assemblies across markets. Examples of our work include:

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Our core services

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Precision Services and Manufacturing Capabilities

From conceptual designs to large-scale production, Stealth Manufacturing’s services are designed to support the rigors of your order. We complete processing in-house at our 60,000 square foot USA facility, ensuring complete quality control at every step of production. From CNC machining custom orifices to assembling gas burners and beyond, we are ready to serve your line.

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Design and Engineering

In addition to innovative manufacturing capabilities, Stealth offers full design and engineering services. We work closely with you to gain an understanding of any existing designs, learn your assembly’s requirements, and troubleshoot issues before moving to production. We then identify which of our proprietary machinery is best for your run, and we work hard to find the most efficient and cost-effective method available.

Tube Bending and Threading

Bent tubing is a critical aspect of heated assemblies and gas burners. Between our team’s years of industry experience and our cutting-edge equipment, we are able to provide tube bending services that satisfy the requirements of your design. We also use specialized tube threading equipment to create custom threading, guaranteeing your entire assembly connects and functions as intended.

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is a precision way to achieve tight tolerance parts for atmospheric gas burners and other burner components. Using a high-energy beam, lasers create cuts with extreme accuracy by melting or vaporizing material to produce your desired results.


Welding burner components requires high attention to detail, as insufficient welds can lead to performance issues and catastrophic failures for end users. Our engineering team puts their vast experience to work, confirming you receive the best welding services with every order.

Metal Fabrication

Metal fabrication is an essential step in manufacturing custom burner solutions. Depending on the needs of your order, we can cut, stamp, form, shape, fold, and complete other metal fabrication processes. We customize our manufacturing capabilities to your order and are ready to provide the services required to achieve your design.

Our capabilities






METAL Fabrication

Your customers depend on you to deliver high-quality final products, and you can depend on Stealth to manufacture atmospheric gas burners and burner components that meet your specifications while exceeding your expectations. Contact us today to learn more about our manufacturing capabilities and services. Request a quote to get started.