Seamless Pan Burners

Stealth Manufacturing’s patented seamless pan burners are manufactured to the highest standards. Utilizing a unique design, our pan burners eliminate the potential for leaks from bad welds, seams, and joints of connected sheet metal components. They also minimize the constant stress and risk of unit failure associated with heating and cooling burner materials, leading to more effective operations.

All our products are built from high-quality materials to deliver consistent and uniform heating in your assembly. The Stealth team will help you maximize thermal efficiency and heat transfer while minimizing the risk of shutdowns or failures, working closely with you from prototyping through final delivery. Contact us today to learn more about how we can facilitate your production.

Custom Seamless Burners to Match Your Assembly

Stealth Manufacturing’s patented designs can be utilized with natural gas or propane gas as a fuel source, and they are configurable to meet the needs of your application:

  • Weld-free and leak-proof construction
  • Ability to replace existing sheet metal designs
  • Flexibility to utilize your specific porting design, including lanced, slotted, louvered, or pierced
  • Optimum secondary airflow
  • Control of air-to-fuel ratio through rotational, sliding, or special shutter caps
  • And much more!

Call 952-890-1303 to discuss the parameters of your planned project and begin designing your custom seamless pan burner. Our team will learn your assembly requirements and ensure no detail is missed.

Material Options

Stealth Manufacturing’s seamless pan burners are manufactured from high-quality materials that can be built to almost any dimensional configuration. Depending on your assembly, the right choice for your project could include:

  • Aluminized steel seamless pan burners
  • Stainless steel seamless pan burners
  • Low carbon steel seamless pan burners

Other materials are available for specialized orders. Request a quote to learn more about your options. A representative will reach out shortly.

In-House Manufacturing to Ensure Complete Pan Burner Quality

Stealth maintains an extensive roster of in-house manufacturing capabilities alongside our design and engineering services to ensure strict quality control. We offer:

  • CNC Machining
  • Tube Bending and Threading
  • Laser Cutting
  • Laser Porting
  • Stamping
  • Turrets
  • Brake Press Forming
  • Drilling
  • Robotic and Hand Welding
  • Assembly and Hardware Insertion

Industrial Uses for Custom Pan Burners

Using our decades of combined industry experience, the Stealth Manufacturing team is ready to tackle the rigors of most sectors. Our heating components are used to power:

Stealth Manufacturing is Your Full-Service Engineering Partner

From initial concepts through completion of your seamless gas burner production, Stealth is your design, engineering, and manufacturing partner. We will assist you at all steps of production, ensuring the right materials, design factors, and more are implemented into your final product. In addition to manufacturing custom seamless burners, we also offer a variety of other gas burner components:

Contact us or request a quote when you’re ready to begin. Our team is standing by and ready to bring your heated assembly designs to life.

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