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Tubular Burners

From the critical prototype stage to full production and inventory management, Stealth Manufacturing is uniquely qualified to satisfy your custom engineered application requirements. We utilize proprietary machinery and technologically advanced processes specifically developed for the efficient and quality-driven manufacture of your burner tubes and related components. And, our diverse experience, ability to react quickly to design changes and exceptionally high quality control standards will enable you to improve the profitability and performance of your products.

Standard Materials

Aluminized Steel

Up to 4"

Wall thicknesses:
.035" to .065"

304 Stainless Steel

.1875" to 4"

Wall thicknesses:
.028" to .120"

409 Stainless Steel

.75" to 1.5"

Wall thicknesses:
.035" to .065"

Other materials available as special order.

Designing Tips

Porting styles include round, lanced, slotted, louvered and pierced.

Stealth stocks a wide array of bend radii tooling to accommodate most tube material, diameter or wall thicknesses. A radius of 1.5 times the tube diameter is generally the minimum.

Rotational - sliding and special shutter caps are available.

Many popular and unique orifice styles available with Stealth’s precision flow consistency and low noise.

Seamless Pan Burners

Stealth’s patented seamless pan burner design innovatively eliminates the potential for leaks resulting from bad welds, seams and joints from the joining of multiple sheet metal components. The constant stresses associated with heated and cooled materials, which ultimately lead to unit failures, are also minimized.

Our units are manufactured from a variety of standard materials, including aluminized steel, stainless steel and low carbon steel, and may be configured to any dimensional configuration.

Superior design benefits include:

Leak proof construction

Weld free configuration

High quality to cost value construction

The flexibility to utilize your specific porting design

Optimum secondary air flow

The ability to replace existing sheet metal designs

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