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Why Stealth?

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Since 1988, we have produced millions of components from aluminized steel, corrosion resistant 304 and heat resistant 409 stainless steel utilizing more than 4,000 unique burner tube designs.


Stealth has integrated multiple lean manufacturing strategies and has developed proprietary production tooling and machinery to more accurately and efficiently produce your components.

Thirty of our forty fabrication systems have been engineered and customized based on the designs of our own in-house production team.

And, each work cell is monitored by an Industrial Scoreboard, which tracks the quantity of parts produced during a shift, parts produced per hour and total downtime resulting from stoppages from non-fabricating activities.

Plus, as a result of our rigorous quality control system, which monitors each and every component throughout the entire manufacturing process, Stealth sustains an external part acceptance rate greater than 99%.


Our focus on prototypes and short run orders enables us to more rapidly transition your project through the critical development stage.

And, because we oversee all operations in-house, Stealth is also able to immediately comply with your unexpected last minute design changes while sustaining an on-time delivery rate that exceeds 99%.

We also routinely satisfy a wide range of shipment requirements, including JIT, emergency order, special packaging and inventory mandates.

Award-Winning Innovation

Our pre-production engineering support will enable you to dramatically improve the quality, appearance and functionality of your end product.

In fact, more Stealth burner tubes have been utilized in numerous category winners or finalists for the prestigious HPBA Vesta Awards than burner tubes fabricated by any other manufacturer.

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